Who we are

Smk Factory

SMK Factory is an independent Italian production house born in 2009 around the documentary film project “Tomorrow’s Land”.
Starting from the experience of self-production gained in the first film (which has received numerous national awards and appearances at international festivals such as Thessaloniki, Al Jazeera, David di Donatello), SMK has carried out a documentary production linked to social issues, human and environmental rights, becoming a point of reference in the world of cinema crowdfunding and independent cultural production.
In 2015 he launched the independent distribution portal Open DDB, an online platform inspired by the open-source philosophy dedicated to the on-demand distribution of films and books, the creation of an independent circuit for independent documentaries, the creation of a network between authors emerging and / or independent.
SMK strongly believes in the importance of the audience involvement for the success of its films, mostly made thanks to careful self-production strategies through crowdfunding and fundraising which have allowed over the years the creation of an autonomous and independent circuit for distribution.
SMK Factory produce different movies with crowdfunding campains after “Tomorrow’s Land”: “Kosovo vs Kosovo” (2012), “Una follia effimera” (2012), “Green Lies” (2014), “Vite al Centro” (2014), “Quale Petrolio?” (2016), “The Harvest” (2017). “The Milky Way” (2020).

Nicola Zambelli

Nicola Zambelli (1981) is an Italian documentary filmmaker. Graduated in Hermeneutic Philosophy with a thesis on the narrative identity of the Self in a comparison between philosophy, photography and documentary cinema, he obtains a Master in documentary at the IED in Milan.
He is one of the founders of SMK Factory, an independent production company with whom he has made several documentaries awarded at international festivals and screened all over the world. SMK is the creator of the independent distribution portal OpenDDB, a multilingual digital platform inspired by the open source philosophy that promotes documentary cinema and independent culture through VOD and non-theatrical circuitry, collaborating with cultural associations and independent cinemas.
Depending on the projects, he is responsible for directing (“Tomorrow’s Land”, “Lives in the malls”, “Wherever you go, there you are”), director of photography and camera (“The Milky Way”, “The Harvest”, “Cracks”) or script writing (“Macedonian Cowboy”). He works on educational projects in the schools with which he wins the first prize in 2019 and a special mention at the “International audiovisual awards” on the days of the 76th Venice International Film Festival.